Spiritual Healer and Naturopath in Cork

Spiritual Healer& Naturopath in Cork

Spiritual Healing with Divine Love

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The main treatment of the holistic therapist is Spiritual Healing with Divine Love. The spiritual healer transfers God's divine healing energy to the patient, which results in a purification of the metaphysical and physical body and cleansing of the chakras and aura of the patient. Therefore the healer connects to God, but you could also use the words universal source of all love and energy, if you feel more comfortable with these terms.

The spiritual healing is combined with different holistic therapies depending on the illness of the patient. The naturopath works with a variety of therapies including flower essences, homoeopathy, essential oils, herbs and crystals to re-establish the holistic health of the patient.

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Spiritual Healing

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Here a link to the website where the meditation techniques, which the spiritual healer uses, and his spiritual background is explained:

Kriya Yoga is the website of the spiritual teacher of the healer. Kriya Yoga is the meditation technique which was used by the world famous Paramahansa Yogananda, who wrote the book: "Autobiography of a Yogi"

Disclaimer: The naturopath is not a licensed medical professional and doesn't give medical advice, medical prescriptions or medical diagnosis. Spiritual healing and naturopathy are alternative therapies and if you skip medical consultations and medical advice you are doing that at your own risk. The therapist cannot guarantee success with his alternative treatments and therapies and does not promise that the illness of the patient improves after any treatments or after taking recommended alternative supplements.

German: Geistheiler und Heilpraktiker