Spiritual Healing with Divine Love

Spiritual Healing with God

Spiritual Healing with Divine Love

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The spiritual healer connects to God and transfers Divine healing energy to the patient. Through many years of meditation the healer developed the skill of spiritual healing. He simply establishes a deep connection to God and focuses on unconditional love to give God's Divine healing energy over his heart. This is done by placing the hands on the body of the patient or just above his head. Chakra healing and Aura cleansing occur naturally when the Divine love energy is transferred to the patient. The healing and cleansing of the metaphysical body results in improved health in the physical body as well. Pain is often reducing or fully going away through the treatment and many physical conditions improve as well.

Often the patient feels different sensations in his body, which shows that there is healing happening in the part of the body where this occurs. What the patient feels is individual and while some don't directly feel the healing energy many people feel heat or tingling in the body part where the Divine healing is active. Even cold is a typical sensation as certain illnesses respond with cold and others with heat during the healing treatment.

Very sensitive patients are able to feel the energy flow itself and they report comfortable feelings of joy, lightness of body and sometimes even a feeling of flying. However the spiritual healer himself is fully conscious of the process and feels continuously how much healing energy is flowing. While he learnt to transfer God's blessings to all people there are additional factors, which influence how much healing energy is flowing.

One of the most important prerequisites for a successful treatment is the full opening of the patient and trust in the faith healer and God. Of course it is always in God's hands how much healing occurs and the holistic healer cannot give any promise if the condition of the patient will improve after the session. Though if the patient focuses on a loving attitude and reconciliation with all people then the chances for a substantial improvement of his condition are highly increased or even a full cure might occur. Spiritual healing and Spiritual counseling is offered for an Honest Donation.

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Disclaimer: The naturopath is not a licensed medical professional and cannot give medical advice, medical prescriptions or a medical diagnosis. Spiritual healing and naturopathy are alternative therapies and if you skip medical consultations and medical advice you are doing that at your own risk. The therapist cannot guarantee that a healing of the illness of the patient occurs.

German: Geistheiler und Heilpraktiker